GU Patrol Wagon Stereo package


We’ve spent years installing stereo’s into GU patrols.
We now feel comfortable saying this is the best bang for buck kit for your musical needs!
Plenty of bass, Crystal clear sound!
All you need is a quality source unit.


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Lets get started!

This kit gives you the materials and components to install a 4 channel amplifier, 2 rear door speakers, 4 front door speakers and sound deadening for 4 doors so you can achieve a whole new level of listening experience.

This cost affective kit delivers solid Mid bass playing deep into the lower frequencies perfect for our cars with no space for a subwoofer and crystal clear highs that don’t ring in your ear.

But what’s included?

Front speakers
– Hertz Mille Pro 6.5″ Component “Splits”
– Kenay Kustoms Tweeter trims

Rear Speakers
– Hertz Mille Pro  6.5″ Coaxial

– Hertz Compact power 4x 120wRMS (4 Ω)

– Stinger 8GA OFC Kit
– Stinger 16GA 18m Speaker Cable
– Stinger 9core 18GA 6m
– Aerpro Speaker plug adaptors x4

Sound Deadening
– STP Black gold 4.5m2 (full coverage, inner and outer skin of 4 doors)
– STP Crystal Pro x2 (Speaker sealing and absorption of speaker back wave distortion)
– STP Heavy duty roller