GU Patrol Mods

Level Up with Improve your off-roading experience with custom made and designed GU Patrol mods There’s a variety of mod options available for the interior of your truck, reach out to our team if you have any questionsTips for GU Patrol Interior Mods Before starting work on your rig,... ... read more.

GU Patrol Interior Parts

What to Look For In Ready to modify your GU Patrol with interior parts specifically made to fit your model When you love challenging terrain, off-road adventures, and nights spent under the stars, equipping your Nissan Patrol is a major undertaking on its own Access to the right modifications... ... read more.

Pillar Pods

For Added Interior Functionality Pillar pods aren't only a functional addition to your Nissan GU Patrol; they're an attractive aesthetic improvement, too When you want your vehicle to look as kitted out as possible for any eventuality, a set of pods holding necessary gauges and toggles is the... ... read more.