Nissan Patrol

Pillar Pods

Pillar Pods

Pillar Pods For Added Interior Functionality

Pillar pods aren’t only a functional addition to your Nissan GU Patrol; they’re an attractive aesthetic improvement, too. When you want your vehicle to look as kitted out as possible for any eventuality, a set of pods holding necessary gauges and toggles is the right choice. We’ve created the perfect pillar pod set for the Patrol.

The Benefits of a GU Patrol Pillar Pod from Kenay Kustoms

What makes our pods so unique when you’re looking for interior GU parts? Some of the advantages we provide include the following:

  • Each of these products features a design inspired by a wealth of experience and a pure passion for the Nissan GU Patrol. We currently focus exclusively on the Patrol; our understanding shines through in our product quality.
  • Fitting your new GU pillar pod is quick and easy, and requires no special tools, no cutting into the body of the vehicle, and little work that could risk damage to your investment. A Phillips-head screwdriver is all you need.
  • We deliver more than one option, so you can choose the type of pillar pod arrangement that suits your needs best. Whether you need only to display two gauges or you’d prefer to work with three, we’ve got you covered. Want to add toggle switches, too? We’ve made it simple to customise the installation to suit your needs. For example, one excellent application for this product involves installing a winch gauge, and a toggle to feed out cable or reel it back in — a simple yet highly functional modification.

Tips Regarding Gauge Mounts

Looking for gauge mounts to go along with your new pillar-mounted pods? Keep these tips in mind:

  • Choose a product that easily slots into your existing vehicle without the need for expensive modifications. We believe that our end-users shouldn’t need to engage in risky cuts and hours of frustration to make a simple change. All our products use the existing interior mounts that come factory standard in the GU4 Patrol. Simply pop out the storage panel (or, in some models, the satnav module) and replace it with your new panel.
  • Gauges are not part of the mounting bracket. Therefore, you’re free to select the gauges that correspond with your specific requirements within the vehicle. We suggest deciding what gauges you’ll use before removing the storage compartment and installing the new mount. This step will simplify the process and ensure you don’t need to remove the panel again to install an additional gauge later.
  • Want to spread your investment out over time without waiting for the opportunity to modify your Patrol for even greater adventure comfort? Take advantage of Afterpay and enjoy an easier way to pay for your purchase from Kenay Kustoms.

About Kenay Kustoms

There’s no substitute for passion in the world of automotive accessories, and we’re no exception. Our love for adventure and car modifications combines to drive us to create exceptional solutions for modifying the Nissan GU Patrol. Explore our products now, or turn to our excellent customer service for assistance.

Nissan Patrol

GU Patrol Mods

GU Patrol Mods

Level Up with GU Patrol Mods

Improve your off-roading experience with custom made and designed GU Patrol mods. There’s a variety of mod options available for the interior of your truck, reach out to our team if you have any questions.

Tips for GU Patrol Interior Mods

Before starting work on your rig, think about your requirements and the final product. Do your research on other vehicles and hit the forums to find out what worked and what didn’t. The goal is to find the best mods for what you need to make your trips stress-free.

  • UHF radio. A radio is an essential part of modifying your GU for remote travelling. It has several benefits, including ensuring communication is possible where there’s no cellular reception – and keeping the banter going. Being in constant contact with your travelling party in a convoy should be easy and not a muck around. Ultimately, it is a modification that can save you at a critical time so it should be non-negotiable, making it easy to keep ripping into your mates is a definite benefit though.
  • The triple pillar pod. These are a bolt-in modification for the GU A-Pillar and allows for three 52mm gauges. Having the information easily available and visible is important for updating and adjusting as needed. The pillars are high-quality ABS, and while it is practical equipment, it is also designed to blend in with the existing interior and can be customised further if needed.
  • Switches and panels. The panels can replace the factory-fitted lower dash and allow the use of up to seven Carling size rocker switches and an original cigarette lighter socket. There are a variety of switches to match the panels. They are available in 20 Amps at 12vdc, 10 Amps at 24vdc and with LED backlighting.

What You Can Expect from Kenay Kustoms GU Patrol Interior Mods

We offer custom panels for 4×4, camping, touring and overlanding vehicles. Since they’re plastic, we can paint it to match your requirements.

  • Our catalogue of products is extensive. Interior mods are our passion, and we supply a range of components to boost your vehicle. It’s easy to install and won’t cause damage to your car.
  • Shop online. We have an online store where you can browse through our products, find more information about the items you’re purchasing and when you’re ready, check out with multiple methods of payment.
  • Delivery is available anywhere across the country.

    We are qualified and passionate about interior mods. Our staff always strive to achieve excellence in customer service. We will always be committed to helping you with modifying your vehicle to the best of our ability.

About Kenay Kustoms

Our products and services are for owners of Nissan GU Patrols and a range of other vehicles. We have the experience and training on interior installations and modifications. Before you head out on an adventure in the Australian Outback, think about including our modifications in your vehicle. Varying from safety to aesthetics, you will find a product suitable for equipping your Patrol. Contact us with any questions relating to modifying your car.