More speed; better response; superior handling when you’re out off-roading: these are a few of the benefits you can get from Kenay Kustoms as your stockist for ULTIMATE9 in Australia. ULTIMATE9 is known for making the best throttle controllers on the market. Using an ULTIMATE9 throttle controller lets you adjust your vehicle’s accelerator pedal, so it matches your driving style. If you’ve ever felt like the response from your accelerator wasn’t quite what you wanted it to be, an ULTIMATE9 EVC THROTTLE CONTROLLER is the answer.



What You Should Know about the ULTIMATE9 EVC Throttle Controller

The EVC Throttle Controller from Ultimate9 is an award winning performance accessory that has well and truly taken the Australian Automotive Accessory market by storm.

The EVC Throttle Controller enhances the way your vehicle performs and improves the responsiveness of your vehicles engine. It does this by providing new points of reference for your vehicle’s throttle mapping, modifying the torque request that is sent through to the throttle tables in your vehicles ECU, this in turn actuates the throttle faster, reducing throttle lag and improving throttle response.

The real benefit of the EVC though is its adjustability. The EVC features four driving modes to ensure you have the perfect throttle response at any given moment, and with the touch of a button you can change this response to whatever sensitivity you need.

Ultimate mode (U):

Ultimate mode is the EVC’s performance mode, the higher you go the sharper your throttle response becomes.
Featuring 10 different adjustability levels you can make the sharpness of your throttle as mild or as wild as you like.
Ultimate mode is perfect for everyday driving, towing, overtaking as well
as high speed off-roading such as driving through sand/bog holes where you need to keep up momentum.

Economy mode (E):

Economy mode is
essentially the opposite of Ultimate mode, the higher you go the more dampened your throttle response becomes.
Economy mode also features 10 adjustability levels so you can soften your throttle as much as you need.
Economy mode is great for any low speed technical off-roading such as rock climbing or river crossings where you need a more controlled application of power to the wheels and you don’t want to be jerking on the throttle every-time you hit the gas.
Economy mode is also great for performance cars if the factory throttle response is too aggressive in certain situations, such as when driving on wet days.

Automatic Control mode (AC):

Automatic Control mode is a set-and-forget mode that
monitors your current driving behaviour and delivers the most suitable throttle response in real time to match your driving style.
For example: If you are in heavy traffic and just moving up two to three meters at a time the EVC might hold you at Ultimate mode 0-1, then as you start to accelerate it will bump you up to Ultimate 2-3, however if you stick the boot in all of a sudden to overtake someone it will deliver Ultimate mode 7-8 to give you that extra kick of the mark.
Automatic Control mode is especially handy in towing situations or long
on varying terrain as it will compensate for the extra added weight/differing terrains.

Normal mode (–):

Normal mode replicates your factory throttle mapping and essentially turns the EVC off.
Normal mode is great if someone is borrowing your car and isn’t used
to the EVC or if you wish to put your car back to stock and feel the difference the EVC makes.

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